Sometimes songwriters become artists slowly, building their skills, songs, and vision a piece at a time over the first couple decades of their lives. Others, however, seem to emerge fully formed as mature artists and performers, with no awkward public adolescence to overcome later. Chicago singer/songwriter TIFFANY HULL definitely falls into the latter camp. Her sound combines the best elements of Sheryl Crow and Shawn Colvin with the timeless rock and roll of The Rolling Stones and Tom Petty. Her songs display an innate gift for melody and rhythmic flow. She sings with a voice that is sweet and clean one minute and bluesy and emotive the next and plays a mean rhythm guitar as well.  

“Breathe”, released in September 2005, features TIFFANY HULL in the studio with some of the finest musicians and producers in the business. She is backed on the EP by drummer Ron Barnes (Bad Examples, Middle 8, Liquid Soul, Hey Jimmy), bassist Jimmy Riley (Maggie Speaks, Hey Jimmy), and guitarist Steve Cunningham (Obscenery). Hull’s sound is more of a collaborative effort with her band than many artists who perform under their own name and she makes good use of the creative input from these veteran musicians. She also employed the talents of producers Matt Hennessy (Curtis Mayfield, Destiny's Child, Ludacris, Disturbed, Michelle Williams) and Marc Lacuesta (Allison Krauss,  
Diamond Rio, Ralph Stanley) on the cuts “Just Smile” and “Alone”, respectively.  

TIFFANY HULL has come a great distance in a short period of time. She originally started writing as a way out of foreign emotions caused by loss and relocation. These negatives, however, brought music out of Tiffany that is powerful, tuneful, and uplifting. Her music comes from a place that is true and genuine and that is why she didn’t need years to get it right. One listen to “Don't Make Me Laugh” will prove beyond a doubt that for TIFFANY HULL, the first time is indeed the charm.

- Mike O'Cull